Alpha Objects is Now ESRI’s ‘Start Up’ Business!

ESRI, the world’s no 1 GIS company, has a Start Up program which provides software and training help to budding GIS companies. GIS is an exciting realm and I have been working on various GIS projects (using both open-source and ESRI software) since 2008. But since my disengagement from a previous employment my options to use GIS software have been greatly curtailed.

But, with ESRI’s generous help, I will be able to create some exciting GIS applications and solutions. I am especially interested in GIS Big Data Analyses using ESRI’s GeoEvent Extension and ESRI’s Big Data Store Extension.


In case you haven’t noticed: I am very very excited and grateful to ESRI!

There is a relative lack of expertise in ArcGIS Server and GeoEvent Extension in the Upstate part of South Carolina. I am hoping to be one of the pioneers in this area filling this critical gap!


Thank you ESRI!!


Alpha Objects Moving to WordPress

A New Beginning.

The domain AlphaObjects.com has been moved to WordPress because GoDaddy–the domain Registrar is not providing free hosting beyond one year; they used to provide basic hosting for life if a domain was registered with them. Oh well!

While I have been dealing with several different types of technologies, here is a brief GIS-centric portfolio: Online Portfolio

New Microsoft Outlook Online is Nice!

Check out the new Microsoft Hotmail/Outlook/Live online

I have been using Hotmail (a.k.a Microsoft ‘Live’ and ‘Outlook.com’) as personal email account for several years. I also have a personal Gmail account. I like both but have preferred Hotmail over Gmail. Anyway, I have been seeing improvements in Hotmail over the years but none of these were as appealing as the new layout which makes the experience fluid like what you’d see in a desktop Outlook application. There is still the sidebar for ads but no more launching new browser windows to get into your Contacts or Calendar.


Try the new Hotmail–it is very nice! And free, as always.