Alpha Objects is Now ESRI’s ‘Start Up’ Business!

ESRI, the world's no 1 GIS company, has a Start Up program which provides software and training help to budding GIS companies. GIS is an exciting realm and I have been working on various GIS projects (using both open-source and ESRI software) since 2008. But since my disengagement from a previous employment my options to … Continue reading Alpha Objects is Now ESRI’s ‘Start Up’ Business!

Hurricane Irma 2017 and Me

Hurricane Irma 2017 has been so bad, especially for some Caribbean Islands that this post may seem like a bit of whining by me. Irma caused so much death and destruction that there is supposed to be no more 'Irma' named hurricanes in future. I hope humanity realizes the costs of global warming. Irma' impact … Continue reading Hurricane Irma 2017 and Me