TCL TVs: My Amazon Shipment Arrived Damaged!

TCL TVs: My Amazon Shipment Arrived Damaged!

I bought a TCL 43 inch one some months ago. It is sitting in our screened-in porch. I know, I know it’s not supposed to be outside but the porch has a good roof which extends out over a foot, the tv is away from the screen a few feet AND we keep it covered with a heavy-duty tarp. So far it has withstood the notoriously severe Southern thunderstorms quite okay. Knock on the wood!

So I recently ordered another one of those TCL TVs–this time a 65 inch one, to replace a 9 year old Phillips (non-smart) TV in our living room.  Here is the new TCL:

The TV was ordered a week ago and arrived today. The delivery guys were supposed to set it up. And they did…only to tell me: “The TV is damaged”.  I thought the guy was joking, but no, there was indeed a big crack on the left middle edge of the screen. So of course I decided to ‘refuse’ the delivery. It’s being sent back. The replacement will arrive on July 29!!!

The TCL TVs are great, especially for the money! This 65 inch one, when I ordered, cost me $800 +  $55 in sales tax.  They should make the SONYs and the Samsungs of the TV world drop their high prices.


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