Hurricane Irma 2017 and Me

Hurricane Irma 2017 has been so bad, especially for some Caribbean Islands that this post may seem like a bit of whining by me. Irma caused so much death and destruction that there is supposed to be no more ‘Irma’ named hurricanes in future. I hope humanity realizes the costs of global warming.

Irma’ impact on me was quite minimal, in comparison. A mini vacation to Tybee Island, GA disrupted, a 15+ hour real scare from high winds and rain here around my home in Clemson, and a few fallen trees on our 6+ acres of mostly wooded homestead.

Here is a video from my deck showing Irma’s winds on Sunday 10 Sept. 2017 when it was downgraded to a Tropical Storm by the time it reached Clemson area. This may not look like much–and there were gusts supposed to be 50+ mph–the experience was very scary because of its prolonged duration.

Hurricane Irma Winds at Clemson, SC


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