Alpha Objects is Now ESRI’s ‘Start Up’ Business!

ESRI, the world’s no 1 GIS company, has a Start Up program which provides software and training help to budding GIS companies. GIS is an exciting realm and I have been working on various GIS projects (using both open-source and ESRI software) since 2008. But since my disengagement from a previous employment my options to use GIS software have been greatly curtailed.
But, with ESRI’s generous help, I will be able to create some exciting GIS applications and solutions. I am especially interested in GIS Big Data Analyses using ESRI’s GeoEvent Extension and ESRI’s Big Data Store Extension.
In case you haven’t noticed: I am very very excited and grateful to ESRI!
There is a relative lack of expertise in ArcGIS Server and GeoEvent Extension in the Upstate part of South Carolina. I am hoping to be one of the pioneers in this area filling this critical gap!
Thank you ESRI!!


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